VIDEO: GNL Zamba Exposes the Distributors of Dangerous Drugs to Ugandan Musicians, Shocking

Posted on Dec 17, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Ugandan celebrities have tried everything within their power to stay at the top of the entertainment industry. From pulling funny stunts, producing kinky videos, using juju, relasing own N#de pictures to using booze and drugs, they have done it all.

Drugs have allegedly become the biggest propeller to stardom in Uganda today with many Ugandan singers making it to the top and attain success due to drugs.

The drugs in Uganda are readily available, the quality is good and quite available no wonder sources reveal that some musicians spend more time doing drugs than they spend in studio so as to attain their goals no wonder its turning out as a menace given the various prolific talents being lost due to the effects of drugs.

Legendary Hip Hop rapper Ernest Nsimbi popularly known as GNL Zamba accuses the managers of artists for the increased drug addiction given the fact that they benefit a lot when their artists are not sobber as far as stealing from them and manipulating them in one way or another.

Though the 'Koyi koyi' singer concedes that drugs are a therapy for most artists to help them relax and also think that fast while in studio, GNL alleges that most artists-managers aren't honest to their clients no wonder it works for them to see musicians doing drugs so as to manipulate them in one way or another.

"It works for the manager who is not honest when the musician is sober. It is easier for managers to steal money from musicians because artists won't be able to look at the books, the taxes being paid, has the money been banked or see a receipt that is missing," Stated GNL Zamba during an interview with a local TV station.

Once a victim of drug abuse, the Baboon Forest CEO has cautioned managers to be honest to their artists and encourage them not to get addicted for the well being of both parties in the industry.

Check out the video below;

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