Airtel Uganda lauches International Money Transfer

Posted on Nov 15, 2019
By Nasa Tushabe
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Receiving and sending money abroad is becoming easier everyday single day that passes. The telecom giant Airtel Uganda on 14th November launched the International Money Transfer a service that will help its customers to send and receive money from countries all over the world.

Through Airtel Money, users will be able to send and receive from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, UAE, Malawi, Somalia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, USA and UK.

“Today, we are excited to launch our Airtel Money International Money transfer service that will allow customers to safely and conveniently send cash from Kenya, Rwanda Tanzania and more.This will also allow customers to receive money directly to their phones from anywhere in the world free of charge.” Eric Karobia the Director Airtel Money said at the Launch yesterday.

Ugandans have been doing international money transfers have through Western Union, Money Gram, International Wire Transfer, Express Money and M Pesa. With the additional of Airtel Money International Transifer, Ugandans are being availed with a variety of choices to choose a method of their choice basing on the convenience, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Aitel Uganda will continue to teach it’s users on how they can use and benefit from this new service.

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