“You Already Failed at Copying the Kardashians, Stop Abusing Our Music”- Shakiraa to Prima

Posted on July 11, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Shakiraa Shakirah Kyebalaba, has hit back at socialite and beautician Prima Kadarshi’s recent scathing remarks towards her new song with Gravity Omutujju called Doozi, she has even said that Prima sell Nkudi in Malaysia.

Yesterday, Prima Kadarshi took to Facebook to express her frustration with Shakiraa and Gravity Omutujju’s latest song, “Doozi.” In her post, Prima didn't hold back, stating that the new track is "an example of two empty tins meeting."

Gravity and Shakira Shakira’s new song is the real example of when two empty tins meet,” Prima vented, leaving fans and followers buzzing with reactions.

Shakiraa, quick to defend her work, responded during a live broadcast on TikTok. The singer didn’t mince words, calling out Prima for frequently attacking musicians to gain social media relevance.

"Despite branding herself as a 'Kadarshi,' Prima has never even been to the US. Instead, she travels to Dubai for suspicious activities," Shakiraa retorted, adding fuel.

As the back-and-forth continues, fans eagerly watch to see if this clash will escalate or if the two will eventually bury the hatchet.

Watch the video below: