“We are Getting Better and Hope to return soon. We thank Buganda for praying for us”- Kabaka Speaks Out

Posted on July 02, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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The Kabaka (king) of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II yesterday finally broke silence and made his very first public appearance in four months, assuring Buganda that he is on the road to full recovery and will soon return home.

Speaking out in a video clip from Namibia, that was shared by Buganda Kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga on social media and in other media outlets, Kabaka Mutebi yesterday said he had been advised by medical experts to take a therapeutic rest as they monitor his progress for a proper recovery process.

“I send salutations to you all. I the Kabaka of Buganda, based here where we came for treatment and a well-deserved rest as per the doctors’ advice, we had spent some time without hearing from you since we were advised to stay away from work and other engagements, “We are getting better and hope to return soon. We thank God who has kept us alive and Buganda for praying for us and for standing strong amidst provocations.” - he said.

The Kabaka has been out of the country since March earlier this year as it is reported that he flew out to Germany to see his doctors but he was later moved to Namibia for a proper recovery process.

Having stayed away from the public for that long and missing major Kingdom Functions, this raised alot of concern hence forcing the Kingdom to speak out on his behalf. His long-awaited public appearance follows months of speculation and disinformation about his health. 

Ahead of the Kabaka Birthday Run, the Katikiiro announced that the Kabaka would not be able to flag off participants at the annual event and delegated  Nnaalinya Nabaloga, his sister, to represent him, to the disappointment of his anxious subjects.

Watch Kabaka's speech below: