Anknown Prosper Opens Up About His Dream of Staging a Maiden Music Concert

Posted on June 12, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Renown soft voiced singer An-Known Prosper, real name, Dalton Ntege, has finally opened up about his dreams of staging a mega music concert and giving his fans his best.

Speaking out in an interview, Anknown stated that he looks forward to holding his debut concert of his own shortly since now he has a number of hit songs on his name.

He said that ever since he was heartbroken by his ex-lover, he decided to take a break from relationships and focus on his music career.

"I fall in love but for now, I am taking a break since the last one ended in tears. At the moment I’m looking forward to holding a music concert just one like this.

When I get that done, the next thing on the agenda will be hunting for a woman who is a wife material. At least, there I will be halfway on the journey that I’m taking."- An-Known Prosper

Anknown also explained that he had previously taken a break from doing music as he was focusing on some other businesses in his life.

Watch his interview below: