Spice Diana Drops ‘Twookya’ Reply to Sheebah’s Sipikima Lyrics, Labels Her Fake

Posted on May 22, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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It looks like the bitter fight between Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana has been reignighted, this time around as the two are firing bullets to eachother through song lyrics. Sheebah asked fans to stop comparing her to "Birungo", now Spice has also labeled her a fake Feminist.

After almost a full year since the battle between these two went silent, it looks like now all guns have been lifted and the two are ready to tear eachother apart.

Source Management singer Spice Diana has noa released a new song to respond to her longtime rival Sheebah’s verse in the Sipimika remix with Yung Mulo.

Spice has released  the lyrics video in which she directly confronts Sheebah, hurling various insults and derogatory remarks towards her.

Spice Diana, Sheebah

Spice Diana and Sheebah

She has also passionately urges Sheebah to cease disrespecting her and implores God to cleanse her of her malicious intentions.

Download the audio below:

Twokya - Spice Diana Mp3 Download

Spice Diana firmly asserts that everything about Sheebah is artificial, including her Swag, Mama Dem persona, Feminism, and Farmer Dem image.

Watch the Lyrics video below: