Acidic Vocals Left in Disbelief After a Fan Tries to Snatch a Ring from His Finger on Stage

Posted on May 15, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer Acidic Vokoz, real name Mutwahilu Kakaire was left in total shock when a fan walked up on stage and tried snatching a ring off his fingers as he was performing, everything was recorded on video.

The soft voiced singer survived being robbed as a thug attempted to make off with his finger ring off his finger and his watch.

According to a video making rounds on thei internet, as Acidic was on stage mid performance, a man dressed in a gray blazer walked on stage, snatched his finger and tried sliding off the ring.

Fortunately, Acidic was alert and was quick to react as he pulled his hand away immediately, looked at the thug , fixed his ring and continued with his performance.

The video has since attracted divergent reactions among internet users, with many urging event organizers to enhance security measures.

Watch the video below: