Jose Chameleone Gives Reasons That Forced Him to Join Politics, You'll Be Surprised

Posted on Nov 04, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Singer turned politician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone has come out to sting members in the entertainment industry to a point of being influenced with millions of shillings from President Museveni to change their political will and belief disclosing how he can't blame the later basing on the fact that poverty is still a general problem to all Ugandans.

Through his social media Facebook official account, Jose Chameleone has rounded up the situation in style:

"In the beginning as young people, I strived for Fame, Money, Cars and all that comes with it.Thinking that was important That was just age making its desires and I have know with time that it all fades and leaves no trail just like many other important people in society with same thought have faded and little of them can be remembered. 

In the new age, I have learnt so many things with time. There forth, The 20 years of peoples loyalty and support is reason enough that I stand and believe that we need a better way for all of us not just the chosen ones by one of us!!!!!

Uganda has a general POVERTY problem!! That's why they are going to buy you with gifts and prizes that overwhelm you but make you a slave to their opinions. After so many years they now want to share??? Do they really want to? Or it's the pressure we have asserted this time round? They will only buy the moment NOT the time. Why have they made us beggars where we are able to work and benefit from our own hands?

REALITY - We need a way forward for even the greater generation ahead of us. Now they want to hug everyone of us? Really?? Stay confident,Many of us still believe and stand together in pursuit of CHANGE!!", he posted.


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