King Saha Looses His Temper and Kicks a Fan Cleaning His Shoes Live on Stage (VIDEO)

Posted on May 08, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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A video clip showing singer King Saha kicking a fan in the chest who was trying to wipe his shoes with his own T-shirt has gone viral and shocked many who termed it as 'insensitive' to the love he was being shown.

Ssemanda Mansour aka King Saha was busy on stage performing and enjoying with the crows when he rudely kicked a fan who was trying to shower him with love as seen in the video clip.

The video clip has since gone viral as it shows the Kings Love Music boss, looking unbothered by the fact that he had kicked someone in the chest.

Fans on social media have also pointed out that this behaviour is truly unacceptable as the artistes on top are supposed to be showcasing love instead of such hatred.

Meanwhile, this is not the first incident of Artists beating up their fans as recently in the past, it has been female artistes are the ones that have been accused of beating up fans because of touching them inappropriately while on stage performing.

Some artistes like Winnie Nwagi have been accused of beating fans just because they are tired and don’t want anyone to play with them.

Watch the moment below: