But Who Recorded Nampeera Christine and Boyfriend Bashara inside Kenji's Toilet?

Posted on August 28, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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As Ugandans are still enjoying the video of DJ Roja's sister, Twitter influencer Nampeera Christine by boyfriend Bashara, many are already wondering who recorded it and how the whole saga started.

For those that have visited our Telegram and watched the trendy video clip, you will bare us witness that the video clip starts half way as the Bashara had already pulled out.

In a viral video, the couple can be seen making out in the toilet while switching between various positions to savour their passion and enjoy restlessly.

The two then continue pumping faster until they sit in desire and tiredness.

Everyone is still wondering how the person who recorded the two really started, whether they followed the couple to the bathroom or the couple found the recorder already in the bathroom before they pulle dout their phone to start filming...


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