Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya Resigns from NBS TV After Securing New Job with the Embassy of Iceland

Posted on May 03, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Just a few weeks after getting a certificate from the Embassy of Iceland in Uganda, and showing interest in joining politics fro Wakiso district, promiment media personality Hatmah Nalugwa Ssekaaya has resigned from NBS TV after 17years.

Through her social media platforms, Hatmah announced that she is ready to move onto the next journey in life as she feels like she has exhausted all her options at Next Media.

It should be remembered that she began her journey in journalism as a news anchor and host, and over the years, she has had the opportunity to work with prominent media outlets such as NTV and NBS.

Her most recent role was at NBS TV in Naguru, where she served as a news anchor before transitioning to a news producer role.

This comes just a few weeks after posting a certificate that was given to her by the Embassy of Iceland in Uganda.

"After 17 years visiting you in your living rooms at 7pm everyday, I have made the decision to sign out of the newsroom. I am so grateful for the experiences and connections I have made along the way, but it's now time for a new chapter in my journey."- she posted.

Some of her colleagues, including Zambaali Blasio Mukasa, expressed their gratitude for her exceptional contributions to the station.