“I Chewed Winnie Nwagi’s Best-friend and She Dumped Me, I Don’t Know Why”- Bizzy Nateete

Posted on April 17, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Wannabe singer, struggling musician Bizzy Nateete George has come out and narrated his alleged story of how singer Winnie Nwagi Dumped him, he says he chewed her bestfriend and impregnanted her.

Through a Facebook post, Nateete, the alleged father to Nwagi’s daughter Destiny, spilled the tea on his tumultuous relationship with the sultry singer. According to Nateete, not only did he have an affair with Nwagi, but also with her close confidante, Irene (note: not the artist Irene, folks, a different one altogether!).

The plot thickened as Nateete revealed;

"Mamy Destiny (Winnie Nwagi), Yalina best friend we gwebayita Irene (NOT the artist). Shortly nga Nwagi yakazaala Destiny, I made a mistake and had an affair with Irene & she got pregnant too. Nwagi weyakimanya, yanyiiga nangamba,"Tell Irene to abort that baby, IF NOT, ebyaffe bikomye,and u will never see Destiny no mo,nze tebanjooga". As a Christian who doesn't support abortion, I refused & Nwagi left with Destiny.Irene later gave birth to Destiny's young sister, Desiree. Since then, Nwagi hated Me, Irene & Desiree. Nakiliza ensobi yange neneetonda naye Nwagi yagaana. People who think am an irresponsible dad, how can I have two kids and only care for one, owuwe nemuleka? Ekimunyiiza kyeekyo bt wen I try to make things rite she says "Wasalawo kugenda ne Irene, sigala ne malaaya you,” he declared.

The aftermath was akin to a shipwrecked romance, as Nwagi swiftly departed from Nateete’s life, taking Destiny along with her. But the plot thickened further with Irene giving birth to Destiny’s younger sister, Desiree, adding another layer to the already tangled web of relationships.

Despite the turmoil, Nateete remains determined to mend fences, expressing, “When I try to make things right, she says, ‘Go and live with Irene, don’t be with your harlot.’ I will do anything possible to have access to my daughter.”