Music Icon Bebe Cool Visits Former School and Inspires Students During Tour

Posted on April 17, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Music superstar Bebe Cool, real names, Moses Ssali spent his evening at his former secondary school, Kitante Hill School where he delivered motivational pep talk to the students, captivating them with words of encouragement and wisdom.

Bebe Cool's impromptu appearance at the school, occurring during his city errands, turned into a memorable experience for both students and staff alike. Addressing the eager audience, particularly the candidates gearing up for academic milestones, he emphasized the importance of diligence in studies and the maintenance of discipline by adhering to school regulations.

The atmosphere crackled with excitement as students seized the opportunity to interact with their idol, eagerly posing for snapshots and securing coveted autographs. Bebe Cool's connection to Kitante Hill School, where he spent a significant part of his formative years, added a personal touch to the encounter, resonating deeply with the attendees.

Kitante Hill School, nestled in the heart of Kampala's Kitante neighborhood, stands as a beacon of educational excellence, situated approximately 3 kilometers northeast of the city's bustling central business district. The school's proximity to notable landmarks such as Kitante Primary School and the Uganda Museum underscores its central role within the vibrant fabric of the community.

Bebe Cool's visit serves as a testament to the enduring bond between alumni and their alma mater, igniting inspiration and leaving an indelible mark on the next generation of achievers. As the echoes of his empowering message lingered in the air, students departed with renewed vigor, propelled by the belief that with dedication and perseverance, they too can reach the heights of success.