Don Zella Opens Up About Traumatic Past: How She Was Raped By a Pastor When Younger

Posted on April 14, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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City socialite Nalongo Sheila 'Don Zella' Nadege has disclosed a distressing incident from her youth, shedding light on the prevalence of sexual abuse within religious institutions. Don Zella recounted a harrowing experience where she was subjected to rape by a pastor identified as Stephen.

The incident unfolded when Don Zella sought the assistance of the pastor for prayers at his church. However, what transpired was a nightmare for the young woman. Shockingly, the pastor not only violated her but also demeaned her by pouring his semen on her body before proceeding with the assault. Adding to the horror, he physically assaulted her, leaving a lasting impact on her life.

Despite her prior sexual experience, Don Zella emphasized that she did not consent to the heinous act. After the assault, the pastor even accompanied her in a taxi back to her home, further exacerbating her trauma.

Speaking out about her ordeal, Don Zella expressed her fervent hope that her children would never have to endure similar experiences to achieve success in life. This traumatic event deeply affected her relationship with the church, ultimately leading her to embrace Islam.

Don Zella's bravery in sharing her story has ignited a conversation about the prevalence of sexual abuse within religious institutions. Her disclosure underscores the importance of speaking out against such atrocities and seeking justice for survivors.