DJ Duo Slick Stuart and Roja Reunite Amid Separation Rumors, Silence Critics

Posted on April 03, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrated city deejaying duo of DJ Slick Stuart and Roja have put an end to speculations surrounding their alleged separation. The duo, whose absence from public appearances fueled rumors of a split, recently appeared together in a viral social media video.

Addressing months of swirling rumors, Roja debunked the speculation during a recent interview, asserting his ignorance of any such separation. He hinted at ulterior motives behind the spread of these rumors, suggesting that the absence of an announcement regarding their annual mixtape party might have fueled the unfounded allegations.

Emphasizing the resilience of their brand built over years of collaboration, Roja affirmed that their partnership remains intact. The duo's public reunion occurred during a small family gathering, organized by Stuart, where Roja was invited alongside other friends. In a touching moment captured on video, Stuart invited his deejaying partner Roja to lead a prayer, to which Roja graciously obliged.

Slick Stuart and Roja boast a dynamic partnership spanning over a decade, marked not only by their prowess in the deejaying realm but also by successful collaborations with numerous artists on hit songs.