Who is Alex Muhangi, His Full Biography and Everything You Didn't Know About Him

Posted on Oct 12, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Alex Emix Muhangi, popularly known as Alex Muhangi is a Ugandan comedian, sound engineer, actor, Comedy Store Uganda proprietor and producer of some of the biggest songs in East Africa. Through this exclusive interview he reveals to us facts most people didn't know about him.

Alex Muhangi was born in the western part of Uganda in a small village called Mparo which is found in Rukungiri district.

He said that he was born in a family of 10 girls and 3 boys. Alex Muhangi cracked a joke about his village and said that people in his village see the sun at mid day after it has emerged from behind a hill and the sun disappears after 3pm behind another hill. Alex Muhangi also said that he came to Kampala by Horizon bus.

Alex Muhangi went to Makerere University where he studied Journalism and after completing his journalism course, he went to South Africa where he did a Sound Engineering course before returning back to his home country Uganda.

After completing his course, Alex Muhangi got a job as a radio presenter at Radio Rukungiri which operates at 96.9FM and also at Vision FM in Mbarara which operates at 89.1 FM he worked as a radio presenter also during his high school days.

Alex Muhangi in the middle

In 2014, Alex Muhangi ventured into the music business by starting his own record label called Masters Music that is located in Kampala.

He still remains the chief executive and also the sound engineer. Alex Muhangi accidentally joined the world of Stand Up comedy in 2009. According to Alex Muhangi, he was driving around Kimathi Avenue near Theatre Labonita in Kampala when he saw people lining up and he thought they were auditioning for some acting roles and since he was always interested in acting, he also decided to join the audition but he was shocked when he was asked by the judges to crack a joke and which he did.

He soon became a contender in the competition and ended up becoming a second runner up. After the Stand Up comedy competition, Alex Muhangi started a comedy group which was called the Crackers that also had a show on television called Mic Check.

Alex Muhangi

Alex Muhangi was also a co-founder of the comedy Jazz Comedy alongside Patrick Indringi who is popularly known as Salvador.

Alex Muhangi later started Comedy Store Uganda in February 2016 which became the biggest weekly entertainment show in Uganda which he continues to host every Thursday at UMA show grounds in Lugogo found in Kampala.

Alex Muhangi has worked with very many comedians both international comedians and also some comedians who are found in Uganda like Ann Kansiime, Daniel Mbuki,Teacher Mpamire, Eric Omondi from Kenya and others.

Alex Muhangi has managed to host very many shows in Uganda and also abroad among some of these shows are Club Music and Video Awards (CMVA) with crystal Newman and also Stella Nantumbwe who is popularly known as Ellah.

Alex Muhangi and his wife Prim Asiimwe

Alex Muhangi also attended the Ann Kansiime Live show in Kigali. Alex Muhangi has managed to perform in very many countries around the world and among some of these countries are South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Australia, China, UK, German, Norway, Ghana and others.

Alex Muhangi is a very hygienic man and loves doing things in order. Alex Muhangi always keeps his car very clean and a look at his car, one will think that he has just bought it.

He is married to Prim Asiimwe who is a radio presenter working at Galaxy FM and the couple have a baby girl. Alex Muhangi loves his wife so much that he jealously protects her from other men. He is an inspirational figure in the Ugandan comedy industry who continues to inspire very many other youths that are planning to join the industry.

Watch Our Full Interview with Alex Muhangi Below:

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