New Info Confirms How Phiona Nyamutoro was Behind Eddy Kenzo‘s Festival Gate Collections

Posted on March 29, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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In recent developments, fresh insights have surfaced concerning the nature and extent of the association between Eddy Kenzo and Minerals Minister Phiona Nyamutoro, igniting widespread curiosity among their followers.

Despite persistent rumors swirling since late last year suggesting a romantic entanglement, both figures have vehemently denied any such involvement. However, skepticism lingers among some of their supporters regarding the credibility of these explanations.

Newly emerging details shed light on Nyamutoro's involvement in Kenzo's music career, particularly in recent years. The youthful legislator from West Nile reportedly played a significant role in Kenzo's 2022 festival held at the Kololo Independence Grounds.

The festival, which took place on November 12, 2022, witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with the vast grounds nearly filled to capacity. Kenzo, visibly moved, expressed his gratitude to fans during a post-event press conference, where emotions ran high.

Nyamutoro, then a freshman legislator representing youths in parliament, reportedly played a pivotal role in orchestrating the event. Reports indicate that she was tasked with various responsibilities, including gate collections and logistics management.

In a revealing radio interview last year, Nyamutoro acknowledged her longstanding professional association with Kenzo. Furthermore, she leveraged her governmental position to advocate for Kenzo's interests, notably supporting his lobbying efforts for copyright legislation through the Uganda National Musicians Federation.

While both parties continue to refute rumors of any romantic involvement, the newfound insights into their collaborative efforts add a layer of intrigue to their relationship dynamics, leaving followers intrigued and eager for further developments.