Spice Diana Features Jenkins Mukasa‘s Look-alike in ‘Mind Your Business‘ Music Video

Posted on March 13, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Source Management singer, Spice Diana has incorporated a look-alike of her nemesis, Jenkins Mukasa, in the music video for her newest single "Mind Your Business", a calculated decision not only adding a layer of anger and drama to their already bitter fight.

"Mind Your Business" directly addresses individuals who incessantly criticize Spice Diana, and by featuring a replica of Jenkins Mukasa, she effectively amplifies the theme of the song.

The lyrics of the track showcase Spice Diana's fearlessness in confronting her detractors and assert her boundaries against negativity.

The public feud between Spice Diana and Jenkins Mukasa has been extensively covered in the media, and Spice Diana's utilization of her music to address the situation adds another dimension to the narrative.

The inclusion of a Jenkins Mukasa look-alike in the music video is a clear indication of Spice Diana's refusal to be intimidated by her critics and her determination to stand up for herself.

Despite Jenkins Mukasa's refusal of Spice Diana's offer of 3 million Ugandan shillings to feature in the song, suggesting the money be donated to her father's critical condition in Mpererwe, Spice Diana remained resolute in her vision. By opting for a look-alike instead, Spice Diana circumvented Jenkins Mukasa's rejection while still effectively communicating her message.

Watch the music video below: