Spice Diana Strips Jenkins Mukasa of His Diginity, Bitterly Attacks Him and Labels Him Full Of ‘Pupu’

Posted on March 09, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

For a while now, a silent battle has been brewing up between media personality Jenkins Mukasa and singer Spice Diana but today she has lost her cool and stripped him of all his dignity, calling him names and exposing people that pay him 300k to abuse her.

Through a TikTok and Facebook Live stream video that went on for over 20 minutes, singer Spice Diana opened up her heart to the bitterness of Jenkins Mukasa and all the pain he has put her through.

Angry Spice Diana openly voiced out her strong anger towards Jenkins, accusing him of attempting to sabotage her flourishing career by deliberately preventing her from securing lucrative gigs.

She even said that Jenkins and his Kasuku Live podcast show are being paid by one of her enemies to kill her career and put her down.

She pointed out the stark contrast between her own success, which has afforded her the luxury of owning multiple cars, and Jenkins’ reliance on Boda Bodas.

Watch the full video below: