Shafiiq Kaima Officially Replaces Ibrah K Mukasa on ‘Koona‘ Spark TV Show

Posted on Feb 12, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Fans and viewers of Koona Music Show on Spark Television, are joyous after the unveiling of Shafiiq Kaima who has officially stepped in to replace Ibrah K Mukasa as the host of the show since he fled the country and relocated to Canada.

The much-anticipated announcement follows the departure of the show's former host, Ibrah K Mukasa, who bid farewell to the program several months ago. Mukasa's exit left an entertainment void that Kaima, with his infectious energy and charm, is more than ready to fill.

Mukasa's decision to leave the show was attributed to his pursuit of international opportunities, accompanied by concerns for his safety. Reports of alleged threats on his life prompted the seasoned host to seek refuge abroad. Having been an integral part of Koona on Spark Television for nearly a year, Mukasa's departure marked the end of an era for the show.

Enter Shafiiq Kaima, a familiar face in the entertainment scene, renowned for his previous role as the host of the Twezimbe show alongside Kasuku and Ruth Kalibbala. Kaima steps into the limelight with gratitude and determination, embracing the challenge of leading Koona to new heights.

In his official introduction as the new host, Kaima articulated his commitment to delivering top-notch content to the show's dedicated audience. He emphasized his dedication to hard work and his passion for connecting with viewers.

"I joined Spark TV, but unfortunately, that was cut short when Twezimbe show came to an end. Unemployment, I can say, is a hard thing because many people move on from you; they only want you for who you are. Currently, I am the new host of Koona on Spark TV, and I thank the team for this opportunity," shared Kaima.

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