Bitter War Erupts Out Between Bajjo Events and Full Figure, They Spill People Power Secrets

Posted on Oct 31, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Controversial singer turned politician and former People power self proclaimed die hard Jennifer Full Figure has waged a war at the People Power political pressure group and its activists a point in case being events promoter Bajjo of Bajjo Events who she claims is just a pig that is focused at looting the lay man's property.

Ever since she announced quitting People Power to join NRM, leaving aside Big Size Bebe Cool, Full Figure is another activist that is willing to throw down whatever she has so as to fight for the reputation of the NRM ruling government.

Over the weekend, the 'Mukyakale' singer ended up fighting Bajjo Events and comedian Muzira of Orions Comedy Group whom she accused of misleading the public through black mailing the NRM government for their own personal interests.

The furious singer blamed the later for always criticising the government's weaknesses yet they are capitalising on its prosperity to own big chunks of land and other property at the expense of the poor.

Full Figure asserts that ever since she left People Power, she's really doing well and feeling the NRM ruling government's prosperity given the fact that she can now fit on the table of real men.

Check out the video below:



"Museveni is Heaven Sent, I Want to Meet Him"-Confused Full Figure Speaks Her Heart Out

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