Comedian Maulana Kasozi Released from Prison, Ex-Wife Jubilates After Receiving 10Million

Posted on Feb 08, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Comedian Maulana Kasozi has been released from a brief stint behind bars after accepting to pay annual "facilitation" payment of Ugx 10M to his baby mama, Shubira Betty Nalugya fro child support.

This week, the spotlight shone on Shubira as she took to the media, airing her grievances about the comedian's apparent reluctance to fulfill his daddy duties for their three little mischief-makers.

The laughter turned serious when the Mwanga II court issued an arrest warrant for Maulana, citing his non-compliance with the court's initial order to play the role of a responsible family man.

Not one to be caught easily, Maulana gave law enforcement a run for their money, dodging capture for several days until he was finally apprehended – not for any grand crime, but as a petty thief caught red-handed while visiting one of his wives.

In a court session that could rival the best of stand-up specials, Maulana appeared before the Mwanga II court in Mengo yesterday.

The Resident State Attorney, with a straight face, laid down the law, instructing the funnyman to pay an annual sum of Shs10M to support his family's needs. This included essentials like school fees, rent, and, of course, the occasional hearty meal.

Breaking it down into bite-sized humor, Maulana now has to dish out Ugx 830K every month, ensuring his children get a proper education and his family doesn't go hungry – a kind of fiscal punchline, if you will.

Maulana was granted bail faster than you can say "knock-knock joke," and he didn't miss a beat. Last night, he triumphantly took the stage at Comedy Store.

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