“I Faked My Graduation From Makerere After Multiple Retakes”- Anne Kansiime Confesses

Posted on February 07, 2024
By Sean Musa Carter
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Celebrity Gossip

Celebrated comedienne Anne Kansiime has spilled the beans on her academic journey, debunking all claims that she holds a Social Sciences degree from Makerere University as she failed headfirst after multple retakes.

According to CampusBee, despite Kansiime dedicating three years to her studies, the 36-year-old entertainer admitted to falling short of completing her university education due to the unforeseen challenges of retakes.

“I studied for three years, and when it was time for graduation, it turned out that I had 2 course units that I needed to retake,” Kansiime humorously revealed, adding, “I was like, you must be joking. The way I held my breath to finish my education?… So, I said to myself, I have studied for three years and I know everything that I have learnt, and it has been exceptionally hard to even get time to be in class.”

In a classic move to spare her family the disappointment, Kansiime took matters into her own hands and convinced them to skip the graduation ceremony.

“I just went and bought the graduation gown and I called my parents and told them that they didn’t need to come for the graduation because it would be a waste of money. My dad was an accountant, and anything to do with saving money was a good idea to him,” Kansiime shared, highlighting her quick thinking.

Despite the absence of formal certification, Kansiime's career soared, with her financial contributions to her family overshadowing any concerns about her academic pursuits. “So I just took pictures and sent them home, and I think up to now, they never found out that I did not graduate,” she admitted, adding a humorous touch to her unconventional journey.