Golden Kapyata Love Affair Turns Sour: Ronald Mayinja's Lover Jojo K Takes His House, Love, Lies, and Land Saga

Posted on November 25, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Veteran singer Ronald Mayinja has found himself in the spotlight, courtesy of his alleged side chick, Jojo K, also known as Joy Nagawa. Jojo K has come forward, revealing a tumultuous tale of threats and financial woes since Mayinja's return to the country threatening to take over his House.

The saga began in 2022 when Nagawa, a member of Mayinja's singing group 'Golden Kapyata,' found herself entangled in a romantic affair with the renowned artist. What started as a musical collaboration blossomed into a secret love affair, concealed from the public eye.

Jojo K, armed with a trove of videos and photos capturing the duo's clandestine moments, sheds light on the depth of their connection. Not only did their relationship extend beyond the stage, but Nagawa also claims to have financially supported the singing group during their less successful shows.

As a token of his affection, Mayinja allegedly gifted Nagawa a piece of land in Bulindo, Nsasa, where apartments are now under construction. To substantiate her claims, Nagawa presented a documented agreement between the two, outlining the terms of their unconventional arrangement.

However, the love story has taken a dark turn, with Nagawa now asserting that Mayinja is incessantly threatening her to relinquish the land he once bestowed upon her. The couple, having spent a year and a half together, also jointly acquired a loan exceeding UGX 70 million. Yet, the repayment has become a source of contention, with Nagawa contending that the burden of the UGX 30 million bank loan falls solely on her, while Mayinja fails to meet his financial obligations.

As the Golden Kapyata love affair continues to unravel, fans are left in suspense, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this celebrity saga. Only time will tell whether the strains of romance and finance will lead to a harmonious resolution or an encore of discord.


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