VIDEO: Grenade Official Blasts UNMF, Cites Broken Promises and Hints at Bobi Wine's Warning

Posted on September 28, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Through an explosive TikTok video, popular singer Grenade Official has launched a scathing attack on the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), branding it as "fake" and accusing it of failing to support the country's musicians. In the same video, he hinted at a prophetic warning from opposition leader Bobi Wine, whose words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Grenade Official, known for his catchy hits and energetic performances, pulled no punches in his brief but impactful video, which has now gone viral. Seated on his comfy home sofa, he began, "I've had enough of this fake federation, UNMF. All they do is give us empty promises and fake support."

The singer, whose real name is Deus Nduggwa, has been a rising star in Uganda's music scene, gaining international recognition for his hit songs and unique style. His critique of UNMF struck a chord with many fellow musicians who have long grumbled about the federation's effectiveness.

"I'm not the only one who's tired of their empty promises. Musicians all over Uganda are struggling, and UNMF does nothing but play politics," Grenade continued in his video.

UNMF, which was established to advocate for musicians' rights and welfare, has faced criticism in recent few months for alleged inaction and bureaucracy. Many artists have accused the federation of not living up to its promises, leaving them without proper support and representation.

In the same TikTok video, Grenade hinted at a warning issued by Bobi Wine, a prominent opposition leader and musician himself. Wine had cautioned fellow artists not to join UNMF, citing concerns about its efficacy and credibility. "Bobi Wine told us not to join this federation, but we didn't listen," Grenade said.

As Grenade Official's video gains traction, discussions about the state of Uganda's music industry and the role of UNMF have reached a fever pitch on social media. Musicians, fans, and industry insiders are all weighing in on the controversy, with some demanding accountability and transparency from the federation.

UNMF has yet to issue an official response to Grenade Official's allegations, but the pressure is mounting for the federation to address the concerns raised in the viral video. Whether this incident will lead to meaningful change in the treatment of Uganda's musicians remains to be seen.


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