Navio Ashames Winnie Nwagi, He Walks Away From Her Sumbie Trap

Posted on Aug 06, 2020
By Sean Musa Carter
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Rapper Navio Kigozi walked away from Winnie Nwagi's sumbie trap as she was dancing and shaking it hard on his cassava. She has now come out and denied everything with video evidence.

Navio Kigozi showed that he is a no nonsense man when it comes to women who try to tempt him since he is now a married man to his beautiful wife..

This was proved when Navio snubbed fellow singer Winnie Nwagi who was trying to twerk for him in a very compromising position while dancing with him.

The moment Nwagi bended down low for Navio, the ‘njogeleza’ rapper brushed off, left the female diva dancing for herself and pretended as if nothing had happened. Nwagi was left dissapointed.

"Omuganda agamba konaaweeka tokalinda kusaaba taka!! Nolwekyo ensonga za ka video clip ezigenda maaso I'm here to clarify on that, it was a simple photo shoot, pausing for pics with a fellow artist wouldn't be bad!! And I wasn't avoiding her, i just stepped a bit to check on the photos the camera guy was taking!! Thank you."- Navio posted on his social media.

Watch the Full Video Below:

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