Zari Hassan's Net Worth 2020: All Her Property, Houses, Cars, Kids And Businesses

Posted on Oct 22, 2019
By Sean Musa Carter
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Alot has been wondered about Ugandan businesswoman, social influencer and public figure Zarinah Tlale aka Zari Hassan aka Zari The Boss Lady but now Blizz Uganda has landed on her Networth.

Zari Hassan's net worth 2020 is estimated to be at least USD 360 Million according to trusted sources we spoke to close to Zari Hassan plus our team doing some digging around and landing on property worth millions.

Below is Everything We Know Aabout Zari Hassan's Net Worth by 2019:

Zari Hassan Biography:

Zari The boss Lady is a Ugandan socialite and business lady who gained her fame when she was dating city businessman Ivan Ssemwanga before his death and they even had kids together. She finished her secondary education at Jinja Girls High School in Uganda. 

While in the next secondary school, she was a part of the music, drama club, and dance groups and similarly her talent earned her the prize for the best actress in two progressive years. Her high school life was marked by years of electrifying school performances and also staged performances.

After finishing high school, she moved to live in Kampala, Uganda, where she made good money by performing karaoke art in various hangouts. Eventually, the young actress took a break from song and dance performances, but for a sound course. 

The tender Zari decided to move to London in the UK to pursue her tertiary learning, where she obtained her diploma in a cosmetology course. She didn’t waste much time overseas in the UK and later came back to her motherland, Uganda to officially pursue her musical profession and focus on growing her business empire.

In early 2007, Zari the Boss Lady then recorded her very first single named ‘Oliwange,’ Ugandan for ‘you’re mine.’ The hit song was very successful and consequently earned a submission for the Africa Channel O music awards as the Best East African Video of the Year 2007. This award celebration took place in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Zari Hassan's Wealth:

Zari, the Boss Lady, got the lion share of Ivan Ssemwanga (her late husband) wealth. Ivan was one of the richest people in Kampala in the past 10years but he died while in South Africa where he owned property worth hundred of Millions. Zari's share was at 50 percent, then 30 percent (for his children), and 10 percent (for his family) and the remainder of the wealth to his best friend.

A Five Star Hotel:

The businessman owned a huge 5 Star hotel in Nankulabye established at the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road, an advanced online news outlet described. The name of the hotel was not provided in this article ‘due to security reasons’. The Hotel is estimated to be worth USD 4 Million.

The Brooklyn Schools:

Zari Hassan has a firm hand in the administration of the school’s network. She is the CEO and also seems to be performing an excellent job in the business. The BBC School is extimated to be atleast worth USD 20Million per year.

Home in Waterkloof in SA:

The boss lady, Zari, lives in South Africa in one of their homes in Waterkloof town. The house has a vast swimming pool and even all the trappings of moneyed peoples. Money truly determines one’s lifestyle. The home is estimated to be worth USD 14Million.

Real Estate Company:

It’s not apparent if the famous socialite turn businesswoman will also be running the extremely successful real estate business that was left behind by her ex-husband Ivan. The real estate company is one of the largest in South Africa. It is estimated to be atleast worth USD 120Million.

Toys Outlets:

Zari Hassan's son Nillan has a collection of fancy toys that incorporated a Lamborghini, Chrysler among may prestigious models were all left behind for the boss lady. The toys alone are estimated to be worth USD 2Million.

Zari Hassan Cars:

Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI:

It is difficult to keep up with the spending spree of Zari, the boss lady. Even before you get used to one thing running, she has earned another. In September of 2017, she got herself a Mercedes Benz E 250 CDI. Zari is also a brand ambassador for Mercedes car maker, a position that gives Zari Hassan wealth estimation to be beyond the vision of many. 

No wonder the socialite has acquired a taste for this series of luxury cars! Unlike her additional cars, Zari did not display the Mercedes ride on her social media pages like Instagram but then again almost everyone who is following the social trends that are around East Africa region knows her well and would quickly spot her riding in a car around town. This new car was spotted by one of her fans on snapchat, and now the entire world knows.

Audi Q7:

Just a few months following her buying the Mercedes CDI, Zari Hassan purchased an Audi Q7. The ostentatious car with a great interior finish serves the expensive needs of the boss lady.

Range Rover Sport HSE:

This is the newest addition to Zari’s fleet of cars, and it is worth over Ksh 6 million. On her social media column that she wrote to inject this beasty, Zari stressed on the ability of women to make for themselves what they need. She goes on to state that this automobile has been her fantasy car for a long time now and she got it for her birthday party. Coincidentally, this new car joined her big fleet after Diamond Platinumz, her ex-husband, bought a new RAV4 for his ex-lover, Hamisa Mobetto.


The 2018 BMW X6 model is intended to create a fashion description wherever it travels. For Zari, this car is a much-wanted inclusion to her huge fleet because she not only likes the comfort that fine stuff has to provide but enjoys when her fancy lifestyle turns heads.

Zari Hassan's Cars are all estimated to be worth Hundreds of Millions accumulating to atleast USD 200Million.

Zari Hassan Houses:

The mother of five is currently living the life of her dreams in South Africa. She was recently seen flaunting a brand new set of furniture. The socialite has even shared a few photos of the expensive home. This brings the number of Zari Hassan houses to six. 

The Ugandan business lady recently got married to her new husband, popularly known as King Bae. The two tied the knot in a secret wedding. The couple has acquired a new home.

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