VIDEO: Vinka Gets Emotional Narrating Why She Bitterly Broke Up with Irene Ntale, She Broke Her Heart

Posted on May 26, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Swangz Avenue singer has gotten extra emotional opening up about the horrible way Irene Ntale dumped her, and left her crying at a video shoot for their collabo. She did not even explain but just left in the middle of the shooting hence breaking her heart.

Speaking out in an interview, Vinka opened up saying that she recorded a song with Irene Ntale hoping to make it a hit song but she didn't show up for the first video shoot.

And when she decided to become a professional musician, she did not take lightly hence creating unnecesarry beef for the two of them.

"She was literally my best friend at the time... she didn't come for the video shoot. But for me, that was okay because she was busy, Then the time came when we had to shoot a video of our song Stylo. Eh... My friend came with an attitude... and I didn't know why... My friend came with an attitude... at the time of my video shoot she had already started changing and I didn't know why..

She is refusing outfits they're giving her... I got emotional... During the shooting, Irene decided to leave the set, and she left... she threw a tantrum and left... I cried at the shoot" Vinka said during an interview with Ruth Kalibbala on her YouTube channel.

Watch her speak out below;

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