VIDEO; Singer Jamie Culture Brutally Beaten Up Like a Chicken Thief, Nose Broken into Pieces

Posted on May 18, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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A few weeks ago, singer Jamie Culture real name Jamiru Kasujja reportedly went mad again and was walking around Makindye digging up graves, lighting bonefires at night and walking almost nude he was rushed to the village for help but now he is back all brutally beaten up.

However, now it is said that people from his home village who are not familiar with his ways pounced on him and beat him severely leaving him nursing wounds and injuries.

According to upcoming singer Zziwambazi Muwanga, Jamie Culture was beaten to the extent of bursting his nose and lips. He says that the singer has several injuries and scars on his face.

Jamie Culture’s close friend Sam, who maintains that the musician is not mentally sick as initially suggested by a section of people, but rather is possessed by occult forces was the one taking care of him.

Sam continued by saying that Jamie Culture had approached him in the Makindye Kizungu a few weeks back, pleading for assistance after being kicked out by the people he had been living with.

Watch the story below:

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