TikToker Madubara Undresses During Live Stream & Whips Out Tiny Cassava, Leaves Nigerian Lady in Total Shock

Posted on May 13, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ugandan TikTok sensation Madubara has shocked many when he undressed during a Live stream with a Nigerian lady that asked him to whip out his tiny cassava and show everyone, such a disappoinment.

According to a video clip Blizz Uganda has landed on, it shows Madubara who is drowning himself in Coca-Cola and Minute maid busy standing up to prove he is man enough.

Shockingly he is dressed in only Boxers and he keeps turning around, shaking and whipping his tiny cassava as he brags that he has the biggest Cucumber in Uganda.

The lady is surely shocked and surprised but keeps fighting to hide her laughter as she never wanted to disappoint him.

Watch the shocking video below:


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