Woman Marries 3 Husbands and Puts All Of them in the Same House, they Are Happy to Share Her Bwaguuga

Posted on May 06, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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A woman called Nellie, well known for being a wealthy widow selling cars for a living has become famous in her area after reportedly marrying three husbands who are currently living in the same house and happy to share her sumbie.

Nellie, a mother two, leaves people astonished after sharing a story of how she is happily married to her three husbands Jimmy, Danny and Hassan.

She married her brother in law after her husband of eight years died in a car accident and later proceeded to marry the other two men. Nellie is a car dealer and provides for all her three husbands who are currently unemployed. The most fascinating part is that she bought all her three husbands cars, they all live in the same house and they all spend quality time with her.

Nellie is confident that her husbands can not cheat since they are happy and claims that she treats them equally.

They have all lived together for three years and the husbands say that this has resulted to them becoming bestfriends. Their respect for each other is what has made them live peacefully.

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