"I Am Doing Well, I Eat, Get Chewed and Even Drive a Range Rover, I Am Not Broke"- Hellen Lukoma

Posted on May 04, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Singer, Actress, Model and fashion icon Hellen Lukoma has bragged about how well off she is doing because of her music, she started up a Night Club which ended up getting closed due to the Pandemic but she says it was all a blessing for her to drive a Range Rover.

Lukoma was speaking to journalists when she revealed that for those working hard to have a fancy life like that she got, should keep working harder so they find her there.

She went ahead ans also revealed that she’s more than comfortable in the life she’s living as she eats, drinks, sleeps and give birth so she has nothing to worry about, so those talking endless about her life should continue.

She also revealed on how her music pays all her bills

Watch her speak out below:

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