"I Have Never Been Gay Or Served Out My Bum, this Woman Gave Me Money and Told Me to Act on Camera"- Sammie Manini Defends

Posted on March 25, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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Yesterday (24th March, 2023) Blizz Uganda broke a story of how renown TikTok and Twitter comedian Sammie Manini was exposed in a gay massage video carresing male clients and giving them a happy ending according to a DW Interview, now he has denied all this despite the viral video.

Through his Twitter account, Sammie Manini has come out and tried to clear his name, saying that he is not gay, has never been and will never be.

He clarified that he was approached by a Germany D.W. journalist in 2016 who promised him money and visa to act on camera.

" FINAL CLARIFICATION AND APOLOGY. 1/4… In 2016, I was approached by this lady Journalist who works with DW TV,a German based TV and requested to act and be recorded in a documentary upon several promises & I was paid to act whatever you saw in the video. She went ahead and voiced it without my knowledge.

I regrettably admit that I was paid to be recorded saying whatever I said though it wasn’t real. I only did this for money because of the unfavorable financial conditions I was in at the time… I want to request all of you to. To forgive me about Homophobic statements recently published here & I am going to make sure such mistakes don’t happen again.

Lastly I gave up on those illegitimate ways of getting money & I AM NOT GAY, I HAVE NEVER BEEN GAY & I DON’T INTEND TO BE GAY. My advice to anyone out there trying to look for VISAS in an inappropriate manner like I did when I was promised a better life in Germany,Please stay away from it as there is always a regrettable end. Thank you all, Don’t fall a victim to their tricks like I did. Peace "- he tweeted.

Despite all this, many Ugandans have refused to believe his statement with some giving testimonies of how he used to give massage to male clients under Eden Massage Parlor in Nakulabye before he got married to a Zungu he reportedly now stays with in Kololo.

They continue to insists he is a Musiyazi, retrieving his 2019 post advertising his massage and happy ending services.

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