Jose Chameleone Apologises to Boda Boda Riders, Dedicates 'Ggwanga Mujje' Concert to them

Posted on Jan 24, 2023
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Uganda singer Jose Chameleone has finally made a public apology to the Ugandan Boda Boda industry as he dedicated his upcoming "Gwanga Mujje" concert to all Boda Boda riders countrywide.

The development follows a a video of the singer assaulting a boda boda rider went viral a week ago that has since then dented the singer's image in the public.

As a sign of reconciliation, peace, love and unity, the "Valu Valu" singer has teamed up with a number of Boda Boda riders to escort him enroute to his concert presser held at Fenon Records in Industrial Area on Monday afternoon.

While speaking to the media, legendary musician has dedicated his Ggwanga Mujje" concert to all peace living Ugandans thereby rallying upon revelers to attend in huge numbers and support dlocal content.

"Ggwanga Mujje is for all Ugandans. I call upon everyone regardless of your tribe or political affiliations to come to Lugogo on 10th January," said Chameleone.

"I dedicate this concert to peace, love and unity for all Ugandans. I have been doing music for the longest time, come celebrate togetherness with me," he added.

Chameleone was reportedly attacked the boda boda rider and caned him for allegedly knocking his Range Rover as he went home.

In the video by yusufsemakula on TikTok, the singer was seen beating up the Boda rider in Makindye as the singer was heading to the President’s office, according to additional reports.

The rider tries to fight back but is contained by Chameleone’s attendants.

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