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Chosen Becky Continues to Spoil Baby Daddy Dictator Amir with Bundles of Love (VIDEO)

Singer Rebecca Kwikiriza aka Chosen Becky has continued to shower her baby daddy and longtime boyfriend Dictator Amir, this new video clip has left all ex lovers cursing and wishing they never let any


'I Love You My Amir'- Madly in Love Chosen Becky Surprises Baby Daddy

With some of the fans thinking that maybe their spark was no more, musician Rebecca aka Chosen Becky has surprised her baby daddy Dictator Amir with a bundle of joy to reignite their romance. Takin

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Chosen Becky's Old Dirty Secrets Leak, How She Got Pregnant and Dropped Out of School in S.3

Singer Chosen Becky's biggest old secrets of how she got pregnant for her school photographer while in Senior Three in Masaka have leaked leaving the artiste in big trouble explaining why she was

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"I don't want to see any woman teething with my man"- Chosen Becky promises to go bitter

Overnight star Rebecca Kwikiriza alias Chosen Becky has vowed to deal with all the horny chics in town craving for her hubby's sweet cassava. The "Tokyuuka" singer has confessed deep

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Chosen Becky Begs For Total Commitment From Her Lover in ‘Tokyuka’ Video

Overnight star Rebecca Kwikiriza alias Chosen Becky has cried out for total commitment from lover never to entertain destructions in the 'Tokyuka' visuals. The vocal queen straight out from

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Chosen Becky's Boyfriend Dictator Amir Reveals the Truth About Selling their House (SCREENSHOTS)

Rumor has been going around claiming that Chosen Becky is broke to the last coin and has decided to auction off the house she is building for her parents in Masaka. Her baby daddy Dictator Amir has to


The Beautiful Love Story of How Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir Met

People just saw Chosen Becky parading off her boyfriend Dictator Amir with his son Heather but didn;t know the story of how they met. We have everything here including how Amir was forced to by a Boda

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The Father Of Chosen Becky's Son, Dictator Amir Speaks Out in Excitement (VIDEO)

Singer Rebecca Kukiriza aka Chosen Becky's boyfriend and baby Daddy, Dictator Amir has spoken out in excitement after receiving his new bundle of joy. Chosen Becky who was rumoured to be pregna

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Chosen Becky Heavily Pregnant with Twins, Who Forgot to Pull Out? (Photo and Video)

The latest uncensored and unapologetic news on the Blizz desk confirms the fact that overnight star Rebecca Kwikiriza alias Chosen Becky is pregnant after swallowing a live seed. Months back, we in

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Chosen Becky Reportedly Chewing Facebook Blogger Dictator Amir's Big Cassava

The Bankuza hit-maker Chosen Becky, real names Rebecca Kwikiriza is finally off the searching lane after deciding to settle down with a facebook blogger. Seemingly confused about her love life, the

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