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MUBS Student Thelma Garim Accused of Raping Male Students Leaks Her Own N(ude) Videos

MUBS student Thelma Garim who was a few months ago accused of paping Male students has now leaked her own N(ude) videos and we have them here for you. This girl came out and dismissed all these all


Supersexy Nana Weber's N(ude) Pics and N(aked) Videos Leak, Watch and Download Here

Uganda - Rwandese socialite Nana Weber aka Supersexy has sent the internet in a total shock after the leaking of her private n(ude) pics, n(aked) videos and s(ex tapes) on social media. We have all of


Curvaceous Ndejje University Fresher Leaks Own N#de Pics and Videos

A Famous campus fresher at Ndejje University has decided to kill your boredom after leaking her own private n#de pics and video clips for the internet. A girl identified as a resident of Bukoto, a

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Who is Faith Ntaborwa? Everything we know about Fille's Cousin who that leaked After S3x video with MC Kats

A wave of shock went through social media after a girl identified as Faith Ntaborwa leaked an after s#x video tape of her and renowned media personality MC Kats but now we are here to tell you everyth


2 School Boys Recorded 'Chewing’ a Female Student In Class at Same Time, Video Leaks

The moral decorum in secondary schools has completely degenerated to an all time low as recent videos making waves on the internet confirms the high rate of indiscipline. In this latest video we ch


VIDEOS: Jack Pemba Leaks His Own S*x tapes with Side Dish

As he is still in hiding looking for money to pay back fellow tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, Jack Pemba is currently being accused by one of his ”chwensemps” known as Honey Suleman of allegedly


VIDEO: Sweden based Ugandan blogger MC Richie records S3xtape and shares with followers, download it here

Sweden based Ugandan blogger known as MC Richie has shocked the Universe after leaking his own s3xtape while chewing a white chic in a manner that has disappointed many.MC Richie has in the past few w


Sherry Matovu in a Nasty N#de Pics Scandal as Her Er0tic WhatsApp Group is Exposed (PHOTOS)

Former TV presenter and musician Sherry Matovu, ex wife to Tadious Promotions has shocked her fans after her private n#de pics leaking and coming out to the public.According to exclusive photos Blizz


Maurice Kirya Explains Why He Confidently Posed N@ked In a Bathtub

Singer Maurice Kirya has finally highlighted on why he posed naked during his birthday last Monday asserting that he was only trying to learn his true beauty.Ranked among the s3xiest men in Uganda, si


Bad Black Leaks Ex-Boyfriend Sky West's N#de Pics, Shocks Followers (Photos Here)

The war between Bad Black and ex b0nkmate Sky West seems not to end now as she has angrily released his N#de pics.  Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has decided to release the n@ked pics of ex boyf


Bad Black Leaks Her own N#de Pics on Snapchat

Once she was known as a city cash splashing machine before being locked up in Luzira Prison where she spent over two years but now it looks like Bad Black is thirsty for more attention as she keeps on


Judith Heard Likely to Face 10 Years in Jail Over her N#de Pics

For the last one month we have been served on n#dity of Ugandans after it had took a long time without having any n#de pictures or s3x videos on social media. And since socialite Jack Pemba and his lo


Famous Model Rukundo Lilian Natalie’s N#de Pics Leak

A Rwandan born, but Ugandan raised city model called Rukundo Natalie Lilian was over the weekend shocked by the leak of her private n#des pics together with a s3x tape recording of herself doing naugh


PHOTOS: Fresh Nude Pics of Socialite Judith Heard Leak

Nalongo Judith Heard is another celebrity that has not taken it easy as whoever is behind the leaking of her private n#de pics is not ready to rest after releasing fresh pics showing her completely n@


Sasha Sania N#de Pics Leak, OTT Worth Paying

Social media broke loose when the n#dity of a woman identified as Sasha Sania Berries, considered to be the most curvecious girl in the country leaked and the internet froze and no man was left innoce


Catherine Kusaasira parades off her camel toe

A picture of band musician Catherine Kusasira exposing her tiny and small bean while showing off her fitness skills is currently causing mixed reactions allover the social media platforms.Famously kno


Karole Kasita’s Jumpsuit tears up while on stage, reveals her tiny ‘bean’

As usual the house was full to capacity in weekly Club Amnesia Campus Night as over the top and sensational dance hall musicians Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy and Karole Kasita took partiers through th


City Slay Queen Leaks Her Own N#de Videos, Water Bills Are Paid On Time

Latest news reaching our desks include leaked n#d3 videos and pics of a city slay queen whose name is still a mystery and these clips are always circulating allover social media especially on WhatsApp

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