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Yvonne Starr


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Yvonne Starr, real names Mulugi Yvonne, but also known as Queen Vee is a Ugandan singer, songwriter, model and actress who embarked on a journey of bring in a fresh sound to the music industry of Uganda in 2015 and now our team has unveiled everything we know about her.

Yvonne Star aka Queen Vee, started singing back in the days when she was still just nine years when she discovered her talent and with time, she realized that she could go proffesional since she already had the passion and the talent.

Starting her journey, Queen Vee used to perform at local night clubs and a few concerts while growing up hence shaping her and grooming her into the vocalist she is today.

Together with her friends, Yvonne formed the ‘God’s Generation’, a gospel music group which performed in various churches across East Africa.


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Yvonne Starr

Never Knew-Yvonne Starr

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