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Buka Chimey is an Award winning Performing artist, deejay, Poet, Youth mentor, producer in the making, Founder Bantu Clan an indigenous Hip Hop band on a quest to unify cultures,celebrate life & express consciousness through touching emotions, and Africa Ni Leo a global movement that emphasizes and champions an action now Africa through breaking the stereotypes civic and mental slavery stigma, archiving, preserving and educating our generation. 


 To restore our generation to reconnect to it's indigenous roots through creating, building, serving, educating and archiving. 


RESILIENCE- Yes i can, the mountain is mine to climb.

IDENTITY- My works and words will always define a rooted African visionary

DISCIPLINE- The world is a humble place 

PASSION- Faith will champion my passion 

TRANSPARENCY- A true open mind will save time Co-founder Talent for life youth network which re branded to Talanta Youth Movement in Jinja which is a community based movement using the elements of Hip Hop to educate, transform the youth in and around jinja. 

Founder Bantu Clan (Brothers Alliance Navigating Towards Unity) which is the first indigenous Hip Hop Band in Uganda with Emcees who emcees in more than four indigenous languages. Founder Africa Ni Leo a global movement that emphasizes an action now Africa through breaking the civic and mental slavery stigma, archiving, preserving, and educating our generation.

Our generation is disconnected from our ancestral roots and our history was stolen away from us, Africa Ni Leo aims at creating means of collecting our true history and culture, tradition from the source which is the natives and exposing it to the world though the arts, media, debates and instigating dialogues


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Buka Chimey

Biluma Abayaaye-Buka Chimey

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