"You bewitched Kenzo night and day, you even wanted to b0nk Rema"- Don Zella spits ugly secrets

Posted on Oct 16, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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After Kenzo leaking his WhatsApp chats with Rema showing that he had left her two years ago, now Big Eye seems to have reawakened a World War 11 with his baby mama, Don Zella which is likely to be a problem as far as suppressing it.

The 'Ndi Single' singer came out to hail Rema Namakula after being dumped in the house for two years and kept her cool yet on his side, he had to persevere to insults and is till now being persecuted by Don Zella for forgetting his duties as a father for just a month.

Now Nalongo Don Zella has reignited her bitter past with the 'Sula Indicator' singer by unmasking the treacherous kind of life her former husband used to live way back as far as his relationship with Eddy Kenzo used to prevail mention smoking the wind pipe on a regular basis so as to fault Kenzo's relationship with Rema after confessing the pain he had for Kenzo taking over the 'Siri Muyembe' singer whom he claimed to be his first cut.

In a Luganda dialect, Don Zella has advised Professor Big Eye to keep his mouth shut after all she was the husband and wife during their romance and his role being feeding and filling the latrine.

"Singa sakulabanga nga omufuyira emindi kilo na misana nti ayimba nyoo show zewabwelu mbu nawe osaba ozifune ate asilane saliyombye stop pretending mbu u love kenzo deep inside you know offa sanyu mbizzi gwe bigg mizzi mbu rema muzira yes muzira but kenzo took care of his family but you mpale enywera migwa bakubulire kuba Macron ga baana musepiki Nawe oje oyasame ???
Njagala otuze ekimwa kikulinga enyuma wa baboon wansi let these issues be handled by kenzo not you omunyampi tumbavu todamu nowryasamya to even talk about women at all you thief wagamba gwe wasoka okwana rema then kenzo namutwala ela kyakulumanga wabula mbwa gwe obunanfusi limba abo wabula soo sinze damu njasamira nkuwe live tolidamu," lamented the furious Nalongo Don Zella on her social media Facebook page.


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