Bebe Cool List 2022 Officially Released, He Misses Out and Puts Chameleone as No.1, King Saha the Last One

Posted on Jan 01, 2023
By Sean Musa Carter
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As it is every year, singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has officially released the 'Bebe Cool List 2022 / 2023' and what has shocked many is himself missing on the list and putting Jose Chameleone as Number One. King Saha has come in last position, see the full list here;

Unlike the previous years whene he used to post the list on his social media platforms, this year Bebe Cool decided to release it on National TV, He went to Sanyuka TV and was given a Live broadcast.

The Gagamel boss Bebe Cool placed his nemesis Bobi Wine in the Legendary category while King Saha makes it at the bottom as he claims that he considered those artists who outshined the rest despite having a financially challenging year pro the Covid-19 pandemic.

Below is a Full List of Bebe Cool List:

  1. Jose Chameleone
  2. Grenade Official
  3. Mudra D'Viral
  4. Azawi
  5. Ykee Benda
  6. Eddy Kenzo
  7. John Blaq
  8. Spice Diana
  9. Carol Nantongo
  10. Sheebah Karungi
  11. Rickman Manrick
  12. Kataleya and Kandle
  13. King Saha

He went ahead and added two other categories as seen below;

The Legendary Category:

  1. Jose Chameleone
  2. Maddox Ssematimba
  3. Afrigo Band
  4. Bobi Wine

Concert of the Year

  1. Eddy Kenzo Festival
  2. Winnie Nwagi Live at Cricket Oval
  3. African Music Azawi concert

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