"King Saha is Just Afraid to Admit that Bebe Cool is Really a Nice Person"- Eddy Kenzo Spills Secrets

Posted on Dec 28, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Ugandan Grammy Award Nominee and singer Eddy Kenzo believes it's high time singer King Saha tells the naked truth to the public about nemesis Bebe Cool as a good and down to earth person in the local music industry.

The development comes at time during the ongoing diss trends and smears between the King Saha and Bebe Cool that have crowned up the busy local entertaient industry in the year 2022.

Speaking to the media after performing at the Gagamel Band CEO's annual fete dubbed Tondeka Ekiwatule, Young Mandela reemphasized his healthy working relationship with Bebe Cool despite having a few issues in the past.

"Though truth hurts people, I like Bebe Cool as a good friend who is outspoken and speaks the bitter truth. Sometimes he also makes mistakes. But most of the time he is honest," stated Kenzo

The "Nsimbudde" singer also hinted on his previous conflicts with Bebe Cool that emanated from the departure of his baby mama Rema Namula from Gagamel, the music label owned by Cool.

"But apart from that, what he says and his controversies, I don't wanna know... He is a big brother. I had issues with Bebe Cool for such a long time. It started with issues with Rema, it prompted a big rift between us. But after burying the hatchet, everything is now okay and he was clean at heart. He gives good advice and doesn't pretend... so, I liked him for that. And I told myself, this guy is different because there are people we've worked with, who are double-faced... so, for me, I like him for that."

Kenzo further applauded Big Size for using his connections in the government and expertise to support him during his standoff with Moses Lubulwa of Luba Events.

"When I had issues with Luba, he called me and asked me how he can help because 'I don't like seeing someone frustrating you' because he knew everything. He called lawyers and showed support... and that showed me that he is a good person," Kenzo said.

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