"Am tired of these sleepless nights, am going to go vulgar now"- Eddy Kenzo threatens

Posted on Oct 15, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Despite the endurance he has gone through ever since being assaulted by the Kibuli Muslim Sect PRO Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte, famed singer Edirisa Musuuza Kenzo claims he has not lived his life as he does normally and he cannot hold this any more no wonder he is finally ready to spill out all his hidden family secrets so as to regain his past glory and peace.

The Big Talent Music Group CEO will be going live on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm where he is ready to unmask all the secrets that led to his break up with Rema Namakula.

Tied up with a lot of pressure, the 'Signal' singer has confirmed that If need arises, he will be turning vulgar despite the fact that it will be his first time to commit the offense but if this the only option to please him and his late mum after being assaulted by Sheik Nuhu Muzaata and may be also live his life once again, he us ready to take it on.

'Kana ka Mbaata' claims that he is now on his own given the fact that even the media was paid to fight him and the ball is now in his hands no wonder he has nothing to lose. I have a lot of grief on my heart and your intimidation wont stop me from fighting for my rights. I am ready turn vulgar though I have never done so but if it is the only thing that will redeem my peace and please my late mother," lamented Eddy Kenzo.

"Good morning Uganda okuva muzata lweyanvuma sifuna nga kutulo wadde nsula ntudde from the other day until today.
Been praying nga nsaba era nsabye nyo mukama anyambe nzikakane naye kiganye neyongera kulumwa. Kati kyensazewo, I will come live on my Facebook page njongere namwe it's time to tell the truth. Kanwanirire edembe lyange ely'obuntu at least nemererwe naye nga ngezezako sigegenda kufa nga kiyenje.

Nga wadde mwasasudde abantu abenjawuro omuli banamawurire n'eba private mafia's banafuye I won't stop, I will keep fighting for my rights until my voice is being hard. Nyina enaku kumutima nyinji nyo kale your intimidation wont stop me from fighting for my dignity. I will be live on my Facebook page here around 4pm Ugandan time. Oba kuwemula njakuwemula, Nga wadde sikikolangako I'm gona do it may be it might make me feel better, but my mother deserves respect.  Nebaza abo bona abayimiridde nange mumbere eno I will forever love you ," Stated Eddy Kenzo through his social media Facebook platform.

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