What Really Happened to Carol Nantongo in South Africa? New Shocking Details Emerge

Posted on Nov 23, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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Ever since singer Carol Nantongo flew out to South Africa for a music show, there has been alot of contraversy from how she was given only one hotel room to share with her male manager to getting early at the venue and being told to perform 5 hours later.

According to info Blizz Uganda landed on, the former Golden Band Production singer Carol Nantongo survived being torn apart by angry revelers in South Africa.

Last week, Carol Nantongo and her manager Judas fled the country to South Africa for a scheduled performance but to their surprise, the promoter had reserved one low-budget hotel room for the pair to share.

Since this went against their personal code of conduct, Carol and the manager paid for two separate hotel rooms and urged the promoter to communicate the time he needed the artist to perform which he failed to do in time.

According to Exclusive.Biz, on the event D-day, a few songs into Carol’s performance, another event promoter came to fetch her up for another show somewhere, interrupting the singer’s performance.

The promoter who paid for Carol’s paperwork into the country apparently found this upsetting and vowed not to allow the artist to perform elsewhere, generating a scuffle at the event.

Based on the video clips making rounds on social media, Carol Nantongo could be seen being shielded by her manager to save her from the irate partygoers.

The promoter who secured Carol Nantongo’s performance claimed that he complied with practically all of the singer’s pre-event requests, including a surprise birthday party and accommodations at a five-star hotel.

He went on to justify booking just one room for the artist and her manager on grounds that since they had just arrived in the nation late and the hotel was already full, he anticipated booking each of them a different room the following day.

Furthermore, the promoter revealed that besides Carol performing at his event, she had other concealed agendas like visiting her boyfriend and performing at other events using his working visa.

Watch the video below for more:

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