Douglas Lwanga comes in with his intellectual advise, tells Kenzo not to make stupid mistakes

Posted on Oct 14, 2019
By Kiggundu Abraham
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"Your Calling is Greater then Sheik Muzaata's Nonsensical Words," Douglas Lwanga Advises Eddy Kenzo to Hold onto his Talent.

Prominent Uganda media personality Douglas Lwanga has also advised his brother and good friend, singer Eddy Kenzo to mind about holding onto his music talent and forego being channeled off by Sheik Nuhu Muzaata's nonsensical words.

Having endured to the too much pain and torture from the Kibuli Muslim Sect PRO in regards to his wrecked up relationship with songbird Rema Namakula, the 'Bibaawo' singer announced quitting local stage performances not until the religious man of God apologises to him for shaming him worldwide and tarnishing his hard earned reputation.

The NBSafter show host claims Sheik Nuhu Muzaata as a religious leader is known for uttering controversial comments about situations in the country given his recent attack on the Katikiro of Buganda over the 'Tofaali' project no wonder Eddy Kenzo has to borrow a leaf from this and move on since people cannot control what other people say about them but however can control their reaction to the said insults.

In a deep analysis of Eddy Kenzo's music career, the CEO Purple party has come up strong reasons as to why 'Taata Aamal' should honor his hustle.

"Eddy Kenzo Vs Muzaata

Yesterday Eddy Kenzo shared a video and promised not to step on to any Ugandan Stage untill Sheihk Muzaata Apologises. 

- Sheihk Muzaata is a Religious Leader known for his comments about different situations and has ignited social media in the past. This wont be the first time he utters comments so deep. Do you recall when he said stuff about the Katikiro of Buganda? Did the Katikiro stop serving the people of Buganda? No! Your calling is greater than these words bro.

What does one do then? Heres my Thought.

- We cannot control what people say against us, but we can control how we react to what has been said against us. These kind of people and comments will always be there especially if one is a public figure. But words should never determine your destiny.

Why Eddy Kenzo shouldnt Quit Performing

- Eddy Kenzo the brand was built on pure hustle and people’s support. That Brand represented the definition of “Zero to Hero” Truth be told Kenzos story has inspired many across the world but especially back home.

- You were abused for not knowing how to sing, for just dancing, for not knowing English, from constantly traveling but the same people cherished you for winning the BET Award and Celebrated you. If you had given up along the way you wouldn’t have reached your triumph.

- One single person cannot put you down my brother. No! They have talked about you from ages ago but many stood with you and you too kept strong. Some days were dark as hell some where so bright that Allah enabled you get through it all.

- You cannot drop the fight bro, just because of those comments think about a whole generation you have inspired. Your a strong pillar and icon. Your mission is greater than comments and words from people. Press on, Hang on. Uganda still needs you, dont drop the ball bro dont drop it.


How will your final chapter be written Eddy, Do you want it to say he gave up because someone insulted him? No No I suggest it ends by “ He was insulted and he kept moving but eventually he won the fight” That will motivate so many people and thats why you are Eddy Kenzo.

God or Allah didnt promise us a life free from sorrow but as a believer i know the bible says “ Joy comes in the morning Troubles they dont last always”. Stay strong my bro, Stay strong. All this will end.

May Allah be your source of strength 

Love you bro!" Said Douglas Lwanga through his social media Facebook platform.

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