'My Friend Muhoozi Has Promised to Protect Sheebah if She Exposes the Rapist'- Andrew Mwenda

Posted on May 13, 2022
By Sean Musa Carter
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After different people accusing Andrew Mwenda of harrasing Sheebah Karungi, he has now defended himself after a private chat with Muhoozi Kainerugaba, he says they are ready to protect Sheebah if she exposes the real man who touched her sumbie.

Mwenda has denied emerging accusations that he sexually harassed singer, Sheebah Karungi.

Mwenda’s name has been massively brought up as the ‘respectable man’ suspected to have harrassed Sheebah.

“I have never in my life met this Sheebah and had never even heard of her until this video came out and allegations were made against me, After five days, I deliberately contacted her via WhatsApp, asking her to clarify that I have never met her, let alone tried to rape her. She ignored my messages, didn’t pick up my calls, and claimed it was her “management” reading these messages.

I find it strange that Sheebah feels no obligation to expose the man who raped her but is comfortable having the wrong person being accused of the crime,” he said.

He added; "I have talked to @mkainerugaba who has promised to call Sheeba and offer her all the protection she needs in case she is afraid that revealing the person who raped her would be risky. The singer now has no excuse to fear to collaborate with police to arrest this rapist!"

 Bebe Cool has also spoken out about the situation stating that he will also believe her story after providing proof.

Watch his interview below:

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