Momo 19 Fraud Case with Ba-Kadaama Takes a New Bitter Twist

Posted on Jan 14, 2022
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Nab Hermu Travel & Cargo Services, a local shipping company has come out in defence of singer Daxx Kartel's wife, Momo19 over fraud allegations.

The development follows fourteen (14) Ugandans abroad who came out crying as they accused the former TV presenter of allegedly conning and stealing their money worth UGx 40Million.

According to evidence and video clips making rounds on social media, Momo 19, who is the brand ambassador of a shipping company known as Nab Hermu Travel & Cargo Services reportedly used her position to convince 'Nkuba Kyeyos' that she could ship their cargo to Uganda at a low cost.

Whereas they concede to the fact that Momo19 is still their brand Ambassador, Nab Hermu Travel & Cargo Services says the latter is being witch hunted over allegations.

Momo 19 has too vowed to clear her name and reputation by bringing to book all the suspects that defrauded Ugandans and thereafter opting to tarnish her reputation.

"Amazima tegekweka it might take tym okufuluma Naye atleast gamala negavaayo so we need to always be patient in everything that we doπŸ™πŸ™ Naye I’m really so so sorry for our clients who fell a victim (s) we shall make it up to you no matter what that’s my promise to u our beloved customers lwakuba those that we pay back don’t talk about the refunds but instead keep on tarnishing my name it’s so absurd and sucks! Let’s spread love not hate πŸ™ Naye Nze I will make sure everyone gets justice πŸ™πŸ™ era everyone will be paid back so just bear with us in a meantime. Thank you Allah bless you πŸ™," stated Momo 19.

Watch the video below;

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