6 Exclusive reasons why Rema Namakula left Kenzo

Posted on Sep 24, 2019
By Editor
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Rema Namakula chose to end her five year relationship with fellow musician Eddy Kenzo. The once music lover birds are no more after it was revealed that Rema will be introducing a new man Dr. Ssebunya Hamza to her parents in November this year.

Making that decision to leave Kenzo who is the father of her first born wasn’t easy but we have managed to find out the number of reasons why she chose to leave the BET Award winner and settle with her Doctor.

Here they are;
1. Eddy Kenzo’s busy schedule. Ever since his to global stardom, Singer Eddy Kenzo has always been on travel. He spent a little time with her and most of times he was abroad in his music tours and travel. Even the little time that he spends in Uganda, his schedule has always been tight with performances in Kampala and upcountry in addition to studio sessions and other non musical businesses. Realizing that he’s not willing to give her more time, the bond between the two had to lose and become loose.

2. Cheating: Kenzo has been rumored multiple times in the media to be dating various girls. From fellow artists to university students, video vixens, ladies abroad etc, those stories have always been circulating in the media both mainstream and social media and even some people who claim to be witnesses taking these words to Rema. Rema has been uncertain as whether to accept such stories as true or rubbish them.

3. Failure to legitimize the relationship. Every woman’s dream is introducing her husband to her parents, then wedding. Fantasizing about that fascinating moment being given a ring a midst hundreds of people, when the man swears to stay with her all his life as she makes the same commitments. Eddy Kenzo failed to do that in time. She started thinking that he’s not serious about the relationship and had to quit. Kenzo also various times on interviews would talk as if he’s single and would not recognize Rema as his wife but rather as a fiancé.

4. Endless Quarrels. For the past 3 years the relationship between Rema and Kenzo has been hanging on a line, the two have been having unending quarrels. Whereas some of the quarrels would be solved internally, others were known publicly and not once or twice, Rema would leave Kenzo’s Sseguku house and start staying in Namugongo in a house that she had constructed there herself.

5. Priorities. The precedence of Rema and that Kenzo were totally different. Eddy Kenzo looked forward to his career first, rising to fame and finally settling with Family while Rema looked more at settling with family first then everything else later. The two could hardly have the pre-eminences meet and breaking up was inevitable.

6. Friends. Rema had friends who always gave her rumors about Eddy Kenzo the rumors Rema accepted. These friends also were her advisers in most decisions she made in her relationship with Kenzo. They played a big role to make sure the gynaecologist takes over Rema.

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