Rocky Giant Ready to Leave Rehab After Months of Treatment from Drug Addiction

Posted on Jul 21, 2021
By Ssekamatte Vicent
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Rap pioneer, Fred Giriya popularly known by his stage name as Rocky Giant is set for a mega music come back to fight drug abuse among artists in the local entertainment industry.

The "Paka Last" fame singer whose soon getting discharged from rehab has assured his fan base how he is recuperating to medication with a lifetime experience that he is destined to share with his fellow musicians once discharged from rehabilitation.

Giant has been in rehab for the past 5months after being admitted on the consent of his family given the worrying health condition he was battling with due to doing drugs.

The legendary rapper was last seen in a viral social media video as he helplessly endured torture at the hands of Presidential Advisor on Ghetto Affairs, Buchaman.

Rocky during an exclusive interview with a local TV station in town has promised his fans a mega music come back free of drugs in addition to helping his fellow musicians doing drugs with enough guidance and counselling.

“I want to return and make hits again. I believe the industry is missing a strong pillar like me to become vibrant and more realistic. There’s a gap in the kind of genre I do and I am coming to fill that gap. For the 5months I've spent in rehab, I've learnt a lot about doing drugs and I will be making a come back as a counsellor to remind my fellows in the industry about the effects of doing drugs,” said Rocky Giant in an interview

Watch the video below;

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