"You Need to be Careful, Stay Away From People Who Wish To Destroy You"- Betty Nambooze Warns Fille

Posted on Jul 17, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Mukono municipality member of parliament Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke believes songbird Fille Mutoni can reignite her past glory if she is careful and stays away from people who wish to destroy her life and career.

The celebrated politician has poured words of encouragement to the "Esaawa yonna" singer after seeing "Mama Abbi" make a surprise reunion with MC Kats who also dubs as her baby daddy during a thrilling performance that she put up last Friday on NBS Katchup.

Had it ended in tears, Yes! Given the saddening way the "Love Again" singer and her baby daddy called it quits most memorably after the NBS After5 co-host decided to reveal his HIV/Aids results to the public without her consent.

The disintegration of the loverbirds relationship reached the summit when Fille publicly confirmes her break up with MC Kats during the Karitas NBS TV show having endured to the endless stigmatization from in-laws.

However, as things stand by now, Madam Teacher is assertive that a new day seems to have come in the love life of the Katambas no wonder she prays for only positive vibes from critics not negativity.

Check out MP Nambooze's heartfelt encouraging words to singer Fille Mutoni upon reuniting with MC Kats.

"Every dark cloud has a silver lining....The Lockdown has assisted me to get to know our young people struggling to claim their space through the entertainment industry. Many uncultured people attack, envy,beef them...they demonise them and fight hard to destroy their talents. I have been following the story of Fille Mutoni and her baby's Dad Katamba alias Kat's.

It has been a difficult journey of stigmatisation....At one time I feared for these two people when life seemed to be disintegrating before them. Yesterday night I put in some hours to watch what our young people do in the night parties in this Covd19 crisis....from what I saw,I wish to congratulate my daughter Fille and by extension my son Kats for braving through one of what must have been the hardest period of their celebrity life..

I had feared for this girl and youngman when I watched their separate interviews with Kalitas....The fact that Fille has made this wonderful comeback is what I wish to.openly celebrate with her...She is such a strong young lady. My daughter as God gives you this precious second chance....be careful and stay away from people who wish to destroy you.

Indeed I'm happy for you. Goooooo our Lady of Melody."- MP Betty Nambooze.

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