Hassan Ndugga Curses Museveni, Regrets Ever Shaking His Hand

Posted on June 26, 2021
By Kiggundu Abraham
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Totally broke Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga is regretting the day he decided to cross over from People Power to the NRM ruling government.

The "Bizibu" singer who way back quit People Power for NRM with hopes of getting money from President Museveni has revealed how he hit a dead end.

Just like former Senior Presidential Advisor Jennifer Full Figure, Ndugga is mad at the Fountain of Honour for having failed him realise his expectations when he decided to join NRM as his efforts of taking home millions of money from NRM were made difficult to realize.

Given the fact that he has no hope of getting back to Bobi Wine, the totally starving singer has turned to music to send out his dissatisfaction to President Museveni in regards to the alleged unfair treatment he faced while in NRM.

Through "Kaguta Ovumiza nze" new song, Hassan Ndugga has decried the unfair treatment by the NRM government and President Museveni in particular by failing to fulfil his promises and he is currently battling with brokenness and something to feed his family.

Listen to the audio below;